Why We Built Candydate

Finding a smarter way to do recruitment.
Why We Built Candydate

The traditional recruitment process can be frustrating for employers. Sifting through countless applications, emails and interviews can be time-consuming and often ineffective. Meanwhile, for job seekers, filling out long forms, amending CVs, and many other tedious tasks creates a lot of friction. It's no wonder that people drop out of mid-way application or submit generic, template ones.

Then there is the real elephant in the room. While skills and experience are important, most of our successful hires were those who fit in well with the company culture from day one. The challenge is how to assess candidate's personality traits and potential fit. Without a good way to do it, time get wasted on generic applications and training people who didn't last long. This disrupts the flow of even the greatest teams.

Like many, we struggle with these problems every time we recruit new talent here at ForeMinds. We needed a better way to find the right people for our team, and the traditional hiring process was not cutting it. That's why we decided to build our own solution. One that makes recruitment sweet as candy.

How Candydate Works

Candydate is a platform to make it easy for businesses to hire focusing on personality and fit. Employers simply add a link or QR code wherever they already advertise job openings. People can then apply by recording a short video-pitch using their mobile phones. Candydate analyses and rank each application based not only on the role requirements but on the ideal personality fit for it.

With Candydate, the hiring process becomes simple and efficient. A short video showcasing each applicant, allows them to stand out. And with the help of AI technology, employers get valuable insights into a candidate's personality.

Hiring as a Team

But it's not just about the candidates – the platform also makes it easy for your team to get involved in the hiring process if you wish so. With the ability to like or dislike candidates' pitches, the people you trust can help veto potential hires and provide you with valuable feedback. This ensure your hiring decisions are not only a good fit for the company in general, but specifically for the people they will work with.

Why You Should Try Candydate

In short, why not? Candydate is a game-changer. We are excited to share it with businesses all around the world, and we believe it will make a real difference. Give Candydate a try and see how it can improve your hiring process. Sign up now and try our Free plan for as long as you like. Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve your hiring process to get the right people.

Improve Your
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Candydate helps you hire better with our Applicant Matching System