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Smart hiring

Candydate uses short videos and artificial intelligence to give you a better way to discover talent. No matter where you advertise or headhunt.

Applying for a job takes seconds. Candidates get compared and ranked automatically, so that you don’t have to.

Skills can be learned,
personality stays.

Speech, body language, personal traits are all analysed by the AI. The role, employment details and company culture are also taken into account. The result, the right personality-fit for any mission.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, video must be priceless.

Thanks to candydate’s algorithms, you get to watch and pick top matches on video. Enjoy better informed decisions to fill vacancies fast.

People apply on

The AI assists
with the work


You have the
final word

Don’t hire for skills, only to fire for behaviour.

Get the right people first and every time.


AI assisted

Decisions get easier with AI-powered ranking, transcriptions search and deeper candidate insights.

Works anywhere

Place the QR code in your shop window or add a short link into your ads. Then watch the applications roll in.

Easy as selfies

Jobseekers apply by recording a short video pitch, from anywhere, using their own mobile or desktop devices.

Autopilot ON

Applications received get confirmed, analysed, and ranked automatically. Unsuccessful ones get notified too.


Elevate your reach by getting your job offers sent directly to the leading job search platforms around.


Invite clients or people beyond your team as guests to watch and vote on applicants directly via text (SMS) or email.

Live stats

Track vacancy conversions, listings, page stats, and the performance of external ads or sources in real-time.

Unanimity rules

Shortlist or drop applications automatically when you, your team and guests feel the same about a candidate.

Likes to hires

Watch top prospects pitch live on video. Call only those you want joining the crew. No more wasted interviews.


Engage with your top candidates by requesting a follow-up video. Get better insights on-camera with extra questions.

Simple pricing

Free for small businesses, inexpensive for everybody else.


The basics to make getting new members of staff sweet as candy.


  • One active job
  • 50 monthly applications
  • 90 days archival
  • 1 GB storage
  • Video applications
  • AI analysis and ranking
  • Autoresponders
  • Swift publishing
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Get the whole candy factory. Ideal if you look for employees regularly.

$ 99 /mo

  • Unlimited jobs
  • 1000 monthly applications
  • Unrestricted archival
  • 10 GB storage
  • Video applications
  • AI analysis and ranking
  • Autoresponders
  • Swift publishing plus
  • Team members
  • Careers page
  • Custom tracked links
  • Guests feedback
  • Follow-up videos

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